Assessment Exams

On-line Tests

Once you have subscribed the On-line Learning Material is available to download from the Members’ Documentation page. The tab is in the links on the left side of your Dashboard page on the website

Please read the following carefully before beginning the on-line test process.

In order to successfully complete the competency tests, you must pass the online tests for each of six modules:

  • Module 1:        Roles, Duties and Procedures
  • Module 2:        Design Limits
  • Module 3:        Alterations, Extensions and Conversions
  • Module 4A:     Calculation Methods for New Dwellings, or
  • Module 4B:     Calculation Methods for New Non-domestic Buildings
  • Module 5:        Other Section 6 Issues
  • Module 6:        Other Section 1 – 5 and 7 Issues

Each of the tests contains five randomly chosen multiple choice questions on the associated topic. Once you begin an online test you have 20 minutes in which to answer each of the 5 chosen questions, ticking against the correct answer. When you have answered all 5 questions, click the button marked ‘Submit’ The system will then mark your answers and return you back to the online test Summary page with your results.

It is strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself completely with the particular module and have all the reference material close at hand before beginning the test process.

If you fail any given test, you will be given up to 4 further opportunities to answer a further 5 randomly chosen questions. You will not be told which questions have been answered correctly or incorrectly and any question may be randomly chosen again by the system, even if you have already answered it correctly.

If after 5 attempts you have not passed any individual module, please contact the RIAS-regs administration team who will advise you of the next steps that may be required, such as a call to interview or recommending additional training, you should, however, continue to take any remaining tests as this will narrow down those areas where further study may be required.

The tests can be taken in any sequence and the test process is started by clicking the ‘Take Test’ button next to each module.

This is an open book test, designed to replicate normal certification practice by an Approved Certifier of Design. By clicking on the ‘Take Test’ button you are agreeing to undertake each test under exam conditions, without conferring with any other person.

Once you have completed all six modules you will receive instructions for the next stage of the approvals process.

Module 1: Roles Duties and ProceduresTake Test (2nd attempt)
Module 2 (Domestic): Design LimitsTake Test (2nd attempt)
Module 3 (Domestic): Alterations & ExtensionsTake Test (2nd attempt)
Module 4 (Domestic): Calculation MethodsTake Test (2nd attempt)
Module 5 (Domestic): Other Section 6 IssuesTake Test (2nd attempt)
Module 6 (Domestic): Other Section 1-5 IssuesTake Test (2nd attempt)