The following are definitions of some of the terminology used within this website

Approved Body

A firm, public body, or other organisation that employs at least one Approved Certifier of Design, operates systems to check compliance with Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and subsequent amendments, holds appropriate insurances and provides access for Approved Certifiers of Design to up-to-date regulations, codes, guidance, and training. Approved Bodies approved by a Scheme Provider must appoint a Certification Coordinator who countersigns Certificates of Design issued by an Approved Certifier of Design.

Approved Certifier of Design

An individual with the appropriate understanding of their role, the qualifications and the experience required to certify that specified aspects of design comply with the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and subsequent amendments. Approved Certifiers of Design may be approved by a Scheme Provider under Section 7(2) of the Act or by the Scottish Ministers under Section 7(1). They may only issue Certificates of Design that are counter-signed by a Certification Coordinator on behalf of an Approved Body. They must keep a record of all the Certificates of Design that they issue.

Certificates of Design

A building owner/developer may use a Certificate of Design to support an application for a building warrant. A Certificate of Design certifies that the design described in the building warrant application complies with one or more of the functional Standards listed in schedule 5 to regulation 9 of the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and subsequent amendments. The Certificate is only valid under the Act when issued by an Approved Certifier of Design. Each Certificate of Design issued by an Approved Certifier of Design must be counter-signed by the Certification Coordinator of an Approved Body that belongs to the same Scheme.

Certification Coordinator

An individual responsible for signing Certificates of Design on behalf of an Approved Body. The Certification Coordinator acts as the contact point for the Approved Body and is responsible for maintaining the system of checking, insurance, policies, access to documents, training, and handling complaints for that Approved Body.

Scheme Provider

An organisation that operates one or more Schemes to certify compliance with the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and subsequent amendments for specified aspects of a project. The Building Standard Division (BSD) of the Scottish Government criteria for approval of Scheme Providers include evidence of status, expertise in relevant aspects of design or construction, capacity to operate schemes, financial probity, and appropriate disciplinary procedures.


Verifiers are appointed to verify that work complies with Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004, and subsequent amendments, both in terms of design and construction. Scottish Ministers have appointed the 32 Local Authorities in Scotland as Verifiers. The work of verification will usually be undertaken by their Building Standards Departments. Verifiers undertake “necessary checks” before verifying applications for building warrants and must make “reasonable enquiry” to assess whether completion certificates should be accepted when the works are complete.

They must accept Certificates of Design issued by registered Approved Certifiers of Design as conclusive of the matters certified. Verifiers are not required to scrutinise certified matters further and are only expected to check that the Approved Certifier of Design and the Approved Body were appropriately registered on the date the Certificate of Design was signed.