RIAS-Regs provides a number of Schemes, each one of which is operated under license from the Building Standards Division of the Scottish Government. These are:

  1. Scheme Provider for the Certification of Section 6 – Energy (Domestic)
  2. Scheme Provider for the Certification of Section 6 – Energy (Non-domestic)

Each Scheme has a separate and distinct legal status, however, as far as possible, we have streamlined the process by which an applicant can become a member of each.

Certification of Design

The Building (Scotland) Act 2003 provides the opportunity for design professionals in the construction industry practising in Scotland to be able to certify that a design meets one or more Sections of the Technical Standards.

To do so a designer must demonstrate and maintain competency in that Section of the Technical Standards by becoming an Approved Certifier of Design recognised by a Scheme Provider approved by Scottish Ministers.

The Benefits of Design Certification

  1. It distinguishes the design professional from those less qualified
  2. The Scottish Government is keen to see the Certification of Design become the norm for warrant applications. It already is for all, but the most minor of structural alterations.
  3. Only Approved Certifiers of Design can make use of the Scottish Governments certification logo
  4. The Scottish Government are currently strengthening their public procurement guidance to support the use of Approved Certifiers of Design, making this the benchmark of competency for public projects
  5. As the pressure mounts on local authorities to process warrant applications those certified should be processed quicker with fewer points raised in warrant reports
  6. Applications for a building warrant, supported by a valid Certificate of Design will be eligible for a 10% discount for each section certified with the warrant application
  7. RIAS-Regs works closely with the Building Standards Division (BSD) of the Scottish Government, Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) and the other providers of design and construction certification Schemes. This enables us to advise Approved Certifiers of Design about the requirements of, procedures and changes to the Technical Standards as they develop.

Building Control Officers

Building Control Officers working for one of the 32 Scottish Local Authorities can join the Scheme on a zero cost, non-certifier CPD basis in order to take advantage of free access to the Learning Materials and Practical SAP Test (see FAQ’s). We are keen for feedback from all applicants as it helps us improve the competency tests and strengthens a shared understanding of the requirements of the Technical Standards.

Simply follow the Registration process and tick the CPD button on the registration page.


RIAS-Regs News

RIAS-regs Reappointed to Provide Certification of Design Schemes – October 2020

RIAS-regs are delighted to be able to announce that we have been reappointed by Scottish Ministers to continue to provide the Certification of Design Schemes for both (Section 6 – Energy) Domestic and Non-domestic, until 2026.

All of the current Certification of Design and Construction Schemes have now been reappointed, indicating the Scottish Government’s commitment to Certification as part of the Building Warrant process.

Release of iSBEM v5.6.b – September 2020

For Members who use iSBEM to demonstrate compliance with Section 6 – Energy (Non-domestic) of the Technical Standards a new version, v5.6b, is now available for download from: https://www.uk-ncm.org.uk/download.jsp?id=17 We understand that the updates relate to the lodgement of EPCs, but this version should be used for compliance from now on.

Certification of Building Standards: Understanding the Benefits – September 2020

The SBSC held a webinar on the 10th September on the benefits of certification. In case you missed it, the whole presentation is available to watch again here

New animation outlines benefits of certification in Scotland’s post-pandemic construction landscape – July 2020

Scotland’s building standards scheme providers, of which RIAS-Regs is a key member, have released a new animation explaining the vital role of certification to Scotland’s construction sector.

View the article and film here.

Scottish Government Guidance on the role of certification as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak – June 2020

Over recent weeks the RIAS and RIAS-Regs has been liaising with the Scottish Government and the wider industry with regard to many aspects of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes a growing recognition that the Certification of Design and the Certification of Construction, have roles to play in minimising the Public Health risks associated with visits to construction sites. This is detailed in a letter form Kevin Stewart MSP, Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning to the Chief Executive of each of Scotland’s 32 Local Authorities.

View the letter here

There has never been a better time to ensure that your clients are aware of the services you can offer as an Approved Certifier of Design (Section 6 – Energy) and the advantages that these can bring to their projects.

Energy Performance Building Directive (EPD) – October 2018

Approved Certifiers of Design (Section 6 – Energy) who wish to lodge EPCs with the Scottish EPC Register, must become a Member of an Approved Organisation. RIAS-regs no longer operates as an Approved Organisation of a New Build Domestic Energy Assessment Scheme. A full list of those who do, can be found at: https://www.gov.scot/Topics/Built-Environment/Building/Building-standards/enerperfor/epcorgprg

Approved Certifiers of Design (Domestic) can opt in to the Scheme provided by Quidos, without further training and lodge EPCs for new domestic buildings. For details of the Quidos Scheme follow the link to: https://quidos.co.uk/ Quidos have agreed to waive their membership fee for the first 12 months of Membership, but Members should check that their choice of SAP software is supported by the Approved Organisation of their choice.

Approved Certifiers of Design (Non-domestic) can opt in to be a CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant (if not already registered) and lodge EPCs for new non-domestic buildings with the Scottish EPC Register. For details of the CIBSE Scheme follow the link to: https://www.cibsecertification.co.uk/About-us/About-Energy-Certificates/Energy-Performance-Certificates

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Schemes on this website are open to those architects registered with:
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